The birth of VGAN STYLES

“I bought my first fabric scissors in 2004 and since then I have used it to cut many things; fabrics of all backgrounds, threads of all colours and some other things I am not too proud of. I take my scissors and each of their purposes very seriously. I have created many pieces that I have loved and some not as much, hence never took the time to finish them till this day. But the most precious of them all will always be my PEGOH!, but I will let him tell you his story”. 


Hi! I’m PEGOH!

cruelty free streetwear brand vgan styles’ mascot pig and my mum’s first born ;)

I speak a universal language, one of love and compassion. I hope that my simple message, “the ever so gracious: middle-finger” can be of service. A message to simply ask humans to not harm me or my buddies. And oh! I do use words once in a while, like in my favourite slogans: “Can’t touch this” or pardon my French, “Ne me touche pas”.

 vgan styles a cruelty-free streetwear brand from montreal

VGAN STYLES is an eco-friendly, cruelty-free, gender-free and age-free streetwear brand. It was born in my favourite city Montreal, in the hope of building an awareness around conscious living through our fun designs and most importantly my sassy attitude ;)

Our garments are made of 100% cotton and recycled polyester. All inks used for our DTG printing are water-based solutions, and therefore have a less harmful impact on the environment. The pieces are locally produced in our Montreal workshops . 

Now back to me, I am close to everyone’s heart and have become a good conversation piece. I go from shop to shop and help my human friends carry their groceries or books, while spreading a badass message of love and inclusion

I have participated in many vegan festivals where I have won the hearts of many genders, ages and families, especially those who haven’t adopted a cruelty-free lifestyle yet, but were kind enough to have a place for me in their hearts and homes

I constantly find myself in the best cities around 🌎, something you guys call travelling but I was shipped out in a biodegradable bag to spread this important message. It sounds cool and all, but I still have a lot of places to go and still got a lot to do! So let’s do this together : let’s promote the best alternatives not just for animals, but also our planet!

Yours truly,







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