What is Pineapple Leather?



Hey leather face, got a sec?

It's PEGOH! with your weekly dose of Animal Attitudes.

Ok, we get it: being vegan is cool and you’re down to wear cruelty-free clothing. But there are just certain goods you can’t live without, like shoes and purses which are typically made with leather.

These are fashion staples that are so hard to imitate and replace...until now.

Thanks to one of nature's delicious inventions, we have pineapple leather.

Whoah, awesome. Now we're no longer trapped into thinking are only options were limited to animal hides (ugh, just terrible), or plastics.

Yeah, I suppose plastic is better than leather, until you realize the brutal impact it has on the environment.

I guess it's a “slightly-less-cruel” solution all things considered. 

But pineapple leather is pretty cool all things considered. Just by using the fiber found in the shell of the pineapple, this cruelty-free and biodegradable leather alternative offers everyone a truly vegan solution.

I guess the future truly is VGAN!

Know of any other awesome vegan materials? Tell us about them in the comments below!


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