Hey selfie queens, got a sec?

Hey Selfie Queens

Sebastian here, VGAN's pride and joy.

Just wanted to say, your latest bathroom pics were epic. I mean, you definitely don’t look as good without VGAN merch, but being able to step out of the shower looking like a goddess?

It’s got to be hard work. The perfect angle, the perfect pose, the perfect duck face. With so much responsibility, I know you don’t have time to read up on critical social issues affecting the well-being of your neighbourhood animal kingdom.

I mean, let’s be honest, the world doesn’t need more noise for social causes. That’s what infomercials are for, or epic speeches.

Damn right!

But selfies? We definitely need more selfies! Because there’s only 1 you, and we’re faced with a critical shortage of youfies.

So don’t bother advocating for animal rights; save that for the nofies. Cause it’s all about you, baby!

That's why we created VGAN, to help selfie queens show off their VGAN Style and promote animal rights causes at the same time.

I mean, just check out this beautiful statement piece:

Or this sexy piece right here:

But if you really want to show the world a thing or two about animal rights, try this on for size:

So snap away and maybe you'll show the world a thing or two about animal rights while you're at it.

And remember, a portion of VGAN's proceeds goes to animal rights causes. So even selfie queens can help out a good cause, and look good while they're at it.

Are you an animal rights activist? Or just a gorgeous selfie queen? Tell us what inspired you to fight for animal rights below!


Until next time,

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