Hey pet lovers, got a sec?

Hey Pet Lovers

Sebastian here, VGAN's pride and joy

I wanted to say thanks for stepping up in this crazy dystopian world. You became a vegan and now hundreds of animals will be spared in the years to come.

Plus, you put your own needs aside to care for your own pets and other animal friends.

You protect them from harsh environments and shower them with gifts and affection. In return, you receive unconditional love.

Well, almost unconditional...

But while your cats and dogs make awesome companions, are they also on a cruelty-free diet?

Having more mouths to feed is hard on the wallet, which is why most humans opt to buy...affordable food solutions.

Ok, so you're vegan, but still buy processed food for your pet? Hmmmm...

We don't need to go into the details of how kibble is made. Suffice to say, it involves cruel and unusual punishment for the ingredients involved.

While there are companies who refrain from testing on animals, how they actually source and create their food leaves many unanswered questions.

But dogs are omnivores, and cats are strict carnivores, so truly cruelty-free options are relatively limited.

But fear not: there are ways to ensure your food is cruelty-free.

Local butchers supplied by local farms are a sure bet to feeding your pet a nutritious, cruelty-free diet.

Yes, there's a lot more work involved: you have to select a reliable source, prepare the food yourself, and carefully balance nutrients.

But the benefits are huge, from saving even more animals from terrible industrial practices, to providing a super healthy diet for your lovable pet.

Of course, if it's simply too much work, you can always opt for a cool herbivore pet instead. 

Have you ever even considered the awesomeness of a pet pig? While we're omnivores, we live happily on a vegan diet. We're not just fodder for consumption, and we're probably cuter than kittens.

Maybe we're the cutest ones of all.

Do you have tips for preparing cruelty-free pet food? Or do you care for a herbivore instead? Tell us your story in the comments below!

Until next time,

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