Hey carnivores, got a sec?

Sebastian here, VGAN's pride and joy. Despite my busy modeling schedule, they asked me to write a blog for all the carnivores out there.

I guess they figured since you love eating me, maybe you'll love listening to me, too.

I know you’re all massive bodybuilders who depend on our finely crafted animal protein to develop your incredible physique. I get it: what’s a few anal polyps for those impressive biceps of steel and rock hard abs?

You sacrifice 5 days a week for your early morning workouts, while me and my buddies sacrifice our whole lives for your post-workout protein extravaganza.

Plus, it’s not like all you do is sit at a desk all day taking selfies. You need our precious animal energy to survive your grueling human days.

But I know what you’re really up to: Tearing into our flesh, trying to decipher our secret protein mastery. I know you’re secretly jealous of how we’re able to build up such incredible reserves of protein living mostly off grass and leaves.


We must be eating some secret animal you’ve yet to discover. Perhaps... yes, of course, Pokemon! I always knew Pikachu was brimming with protein energy!

I guess you’ll never truly know where we get our protein from. Maybe one day you’ll build up enough brain muscle to discover our secret.

Do you have any tips for friends looking to build muscle on a plant-based diet? Sound off in the comments below, or share this article!

Until next time,

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