Hey Animal Whisperers, got a sec?

Intelligent Sebastian

Sebastian here, VGAN's pride and joy

Are you an animal whisperer? 

If you haven't yet mastered the art of animal whispering, the ability to empathize with other species, then the first step is simple: you must understand that all beings feel.

Then you just tap into that energy. Yeah, it's pretty simple.


Ok, let's break it down further...

Animals can dream and feel like any other human.

Even the humble lobster can feel.

Let's whisper to lobsters. Don't worry if they're in the ocean, it's better (they have happier feelings there).

First of all, they're much more like you than you think. A nervous system that feels, for instance.

It’s even been shown that glorious antidepressants, typically reserved for humans, have a positive impact on lobsters. Trippy.

Ok, we got some common ground now. Here's the epic part: enter a meditative pose, breathe deeply, you're in the ocean, and you have claws. You're now viewing the world from the perspective of a lobster.

The wide ocean is beautiful and serene, so calming. Hey, there's Bob scavenging near that metal box again...oh no, Bob!!!


Ok, let's pull it back animal whisperers. Namaste.

The ocean was pretty cool, but we don't need to actually feel what it's like to be caged in restaurants while kids pick off your buddies. That's just terrible trauma waiting to happen.

Antidepressants, anyone?

Yet, if most people don't have the ability to whisper to animals, and because they don’t speak the same language, because there is a lack of understanding, it becomes so easy to...ignore what they feel?


Lobsters may not speak your language, or communicate their feelings, but just because someone lacks the ability to understand their feelings doesn't mean it's ok to torture them.


So the next time you see someone preparing dinner, remember to teach them the ways of the animal whisperer.

They will surely begin to feel for the animals!

You'll feel what it's like for your friends to be eaten. You'll feel what it's like to be trapped and bound. You'll feel what it's like to see other beings make a choice without consideration.


Whatever your race or culture, equal rights is a sentient privilege.

Yes, eventually, even droids!


Consideration for thy neighbour has always been a consistent theme across every religion and belief system. It’s, you know...just the foundation for society and civilization, no biggie. >_>

But, for some reason, humans still feel like they live on this planet alone.

Here's a newsflash: we were here first, bro. Ya feel me?

Are you an animal whisperer? Do you consider animal feelings when selecting products? Tell us in the comments below!


Until next time,

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