Consumer Power

Hey Shoppers, Got a Sec?

Hey Shoppers, got a sec?

It's PEGOH!, VGAN STYLES' pride and joy, with your weekly dose of Animal Attitudes.

This week is all about consumer power.

Now, I know what you're thinking: seeing all this epic VGAN STYLES merch, how can I possibly control myself?

Look, I know VGAN STYLES is pretty incredible, but you’re probably wondering what happened to all the cool products you normally see in stores?

Like all the handbags, shoes, silky smooth apparel and comfy warm fur products. Those timeless pieces that subtly tells the world “I’m not really an evil cold-hearted killer...just a nihilistic fashionista.

Because that’s exactly what fashion is all about, showing the world a subtle message that, in the end, death waits for us all. 

And what better way to send that message than by covering yourself with someone else’s skin?

Unfortunately, VGAN STYLES doesn’t stock skin. :(

No cow skins, or coyote skins...heck, we don’t even have human skin (our team is working hard to lobby politicians).

We do have natural cottons and synthetic polyesters, which is a pretty tame message compared to usual shopping options...

I mean, a positive message about ethically sourced materials? Donating to a portion of proceeds to animal rights causes?

Come on! You just want to look good!

Maybe one day being ethical will be cool again…

Oh damn, maybe VGAN STYLES is onto something.

Are you an ethical shopper? Tell us why you believe ethically sourced products are important for our society in the comments below!


Until next time,
VGAN STYLES streetwear vegane de montreal

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