Animal Attitudes

  • Make Animals Great Again

    For far too long, animals have been put second while the rest of the world took advantage of them. MAGA, Make Animals Great Again, is here to encourage everyone to treat other beings with the respect they deserve, and every vote counts. Are you pro-MAGA?
  • What is Pineapple Leather?

    Ok, we get it: being vegan is cool and you’re down to wear cruelty-free clothing. But there are just certain goods you can’t live without, like shoes and purses which are typically made of leather. These are fashion staples that are so hard to imitate and replace...until now.
  • Animal Geniuses

    It's Sebastian, VGAN's pride and joy, with your weekly dose of Animal Attitudes.

    I know what many of you are thinking: is this really Sebastian writing all these amazing blogs?

    The answer, of course, is duh.

    But really, can animals be so intelligent? Well, we may be smarter than you think.

  • Vegans: Endgame

    Everyone wants to be a hero these days. It's epic, you get to wear kickass costumes, and there's that whole inter-galactic saving the universe thing you do once in a while. But there's nothing stopping you from joining a superteam of vegans who fight for lives and the well being of our Earth. So what are you waiting for? Vegans: Assemble!
  • Consumer Power

    Consumerism has taken over. But just because our economy depends on it, doesn't mean we don't have power over it. Every purchase you make is a vote for the type of products you want to see on offer. That's why VGAN donates a portion of proceeds to animal rights causes. So vote ethically, and watch your world transform!
  • Hey selfie queens, got a sec?

    What if you could look good AND promote animal rights at the same time? Join Sebastian as he explains how VGAN helps selfie queens fight for animal rights with every photo they take. Be beautiful inside and out; be VGAN.
  • Hey Animal Whisperers, got a sec?

    Are you an animal whisperer? Do you feel what other beings experience? If you haven't yet mastered the art of animal whispering, then we'll help you understand how to harness the power to feel for other species. Mind = blown.
  • Hey pet lovers, got a sec?

    The pet food industry is a billion dollar industry which uses unethical factories to prepare food for carnivores and omnivores. But with a little research and preparation, you can take back control so your pet can eat cruelty-free.
  • Hey carnivores, got a sec?

    Have you considered the benefits of a plant-based diet? It's healthier and perfectly suited for those abs of steel.